Instant Web Maker - FAQ Questions
How Much does it cost?

The answer to the important question of the cost can be found in more detail here.
We offer three different packages - The Starter Package for £599.95, The Medium Package for £799.95 and The Premium Package for £1399.95.

What about the design of my Website?

We always like to follow your own preference. If you have any ideas about the colour, layout or anything else we will try to match it as closely as we can.
You can also show us some websites you like the look of.   

However if you don't have any idea what you actually want, we can do some draft for you from which you can pick.

Will the Website have a CMS?

CMS, or Content Management System, lets you add or edit new posts or photos in a user friendly way.

All our websites come with an inbuilt CMS for your convenience.

If you would like us to help you with learning how to control your website better we can provide in person or online tutorials.

Does it include Domain registration?

Part of our services is a domain registration. Domain is the name (or address) of your website which you have to register and rent.
We will register for you any or .com domain. However, for a domain with a different suffix (Top-level domain) we will have to charge extra as they are more expensive.

In the future, you will have to pay around £10/year (for or .com) for the rental of your domain.

Do I need a seperate Website Hosting?

Web Hosting is where your website data is stored and where people go to access it.

If you subscribe to our monthly Maintenance & Update Service we will host your Website for you.

In the other case we will set up an account for you with a third party company. The cost for web hosting is around £50/year.

Will I get support after the Website is finished?

A continual support is not part of our initial services. As soon as we finish building the website (including all the final amendments that you suggest) and you are happy with it, our contract will terminate.

However we do provide Maintenance & Update service which you can purchase for £49.95/month.

We can also provide support individually for £30/hour.

Will I appear in the Google Search?

As a part of our services for Medium and Premium Packages, we provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that we both customize and tell the search engines how to find your Website and what key words to look for.

However, SEO is one of the most difficult parts of a successful website and customizing the website is only the first step. What is needed is ongoing activity and updating. This we can take care of partly if you are subscribed to your Maintenance & Updates service.

If you still need any extra support with SEO we will do that for you.

Will my Website be Secure?

The internet is a dangerous place. We are therefore committed to not only creating nice websites, but also secure websites.

Our standard security meassures include protection against malware, spam and hacking. We also provide SSL encryption for payments and logins.

Lastly, one of the crucial steps to keep your website secured is to have the latest updates, which we can do as a part of our Maintenance & Updates service.