Instant Web Maker - Maintenance & Updates

We understand that not everyone has either the skill or time to look after a website. We want to help with that and so we provide this Maintenance & Update service.

This service is only for our customers for whom we designed a website.




As you can tell from the name, this service includes regular maintenance of the website, checking that the security is working well and updating the website to the latest standards.





It is not only a maintenance, we will also add new content for you, upload the latest photos or change prices. This will be particularly helpful if you don't have any knowledge of websites or html.





We will send you reports about how many people are going on your website, what they are searching for, where they came from and how long they stayed. This can help you understand the current market a bit more.





Search Engine Optimization needs a lot of constant work and we will do that for you so that you can rank higher on Google Search and other search engines.





Regular back ups are crucial for websites and we will perform these regular back ups for you so that you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your whole website is copied and stored on another secure server.





We will host your website for you. This will save you paying around £50/year to another hosting company.

The price for this Maintenance & Update service is £49.95/month. To order it please speak to us.